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Disappointed having Your Wornout and Soiled Rug in the house? Try Our Expert Floor covering Cleansing Treatment Now!


Rugs are a classic creative décor for both household and private establishments. But, they are also just one of the most difficult to sanitize. This important truth regarding area rugs is where we get our in depth and holistic strategy to area rug sanitizing. We provide you with a  qualified and substantial rug cleansing support that is crafted fit to your washing preferences. Particles can rapidly develop in mats, still our professional sanitizing procedure with improved disinfecting tools, you can make sure to have a 100% clean and hygienic atmosphere.

Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island is your go-to clean-up assistance supplier for a professional and advertising floor covering sterilization assistance. Most Comprehensive Rug Sanitizing Program in Staten Island.

6 Methodical Maintenance Ways


We do not settle down for standard program; we continuously aim for a topnotch and admirable result that will cater for our recent and committed users. To assure that you get the finest cleansing service, we thoughtfully evaluate that all six comprehensive floor covering cleansing strategies is established carefully.

Stage 1- Examination Period


We take a look at the mats for any tint run, fungus, scratch, discolor, etc. This is to check if the present form of the area rugs and to decide what sanitizing method is best to administer. This is also the phase where the rug fiber or substance is put into consideration before choosing the suitable tools and washing product to make use of. Moreover, doing a area rug check-up and documenting the current damages will ward off misunderstanding between you and our housecleaning employees. We also offer to have photos and send the images to you via email accounts or text.

Stage 2- Light and Steam Cleaning


After the pre-wash procedure, we will then try to eradicate of the surface level particle by adding gentle cleaning. Light laundering is preferred so as not to destroy the floor covering substance. The primary feature of this step is the steam washing wherein we use a high-performing movable gear to steam sanitize your carpeting. Steam rinsing is a desired strategy by lavish resorts and casinos to eliminate the dust and stench from the carpeting.

Stage 3- Precise Laundering


This is the stage wherein the carpets are placed within a pool-like cleansing spot and soaked to completely eliminate all remains and leftover areas from the former guidelines.

Step 4- Fragrance


After all the grime and blemishes are removed, we will then put some scent to result in a new and neat odor on the carpets. The end result would be a tidy looking and fresh-smelling rugs that you will absolutely adore.

Step 5- Dry Cleaning


One we are delighted with the smell; the subsequent action is to dry clean the rugs. Our dry clean-up approach also involves grooming the carpeting yarn post drying. We scour the floor covering thread, repairing their beautiful style and enabling them to look good as new.

Step 6- Premium quality Check

Once all five methods are completed, we will conduct a quality check to guarantee all the steps are carried out consequently. If the all is done appropriately, we will then prepare the carpeting for transport.


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