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Disappointed having Your Wornout and Soiled Area Rug in your own home? Check out Our Competent Floor covering Washing Assistance Now!


Mats are a conventional attractive décor for both home and business premises. On the contrary, they are also part of the hardest to disinfect. This vital information on mats is where we come up with our detailed and natural approach to floor covering sanitizing. We provide you with a  qualified and thorough rug cleansing service that is crafted fit to your cleaning standards. Particles can quickly accumulate in mats, still our qualified tidying procedure with progressed washing tools, you can ensure to have a 100% clean and germ-free atmosphere.

Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island is your go-to washing product provider for a specialized and advertising rug clean-up service. Most Detailed Rug Clean-up Assistance in Staten Island.

6 Step-by-step Maintenance Steps


We do not settle for mediocre service; we consistently strive for a topnotch and commendable outcome that will gratify our recent and regular consumers. To assure that you have the best washing programs, we thoughtfully check that all six comprehensive floor covering cleansing techniques is carried out accurately.

Step 1- Understanding Phase


We evaluate the mats for any color run, mold, damage, discolor, etc. This is to double check if the existing state of the rugs and to find out what cleansing method is suitable to use. This is also the point where the rug fiber or element is put into aspect to consider before selecting the appropriate machine and sanitizing equipment to make use of. Also, doing a area rug assessment and documenting the present problems will prevent misinterpretation between you and our disinfecting personnel. We also offer to take pictures and transfer the graphics to you via email or text.

Stage 2- Light and Steam Washing


After the pre-wash stage, we will then strive to remove of the outside level dirt by applying light cleansing. Simple washing is recommended so as not to destroy the carpet cloth. The primary stress of this phase is the steam washing wherein we manipulate a high-performing portable device to steam wash your carpeting. Steam cleansing is a desired strategy by classy lodges and casinos to eliminate the dust and stench from the floor covering.

Stage 3- Thorough Rinsing


This is the stage wherein the area rugs are placed in a pool-like washing part and saturated to entirely get rid of all dust and residual spots from the earlier phases.

Stage 4- Scent


After all the grime and marks are removed, we will then blend some smell to result in a fresh and neat odor on the mats. The effect would be a neat looking and crisp-smelling rugs that you will absolutely adore.

Stage 5- Dry Cleansing


One we are pleased with the scent; the next action is to dry clean the carpets. Our dry cleaning process also includes grooming the carpet fiber post drying. We sort the floor covering fiber, recovering their stunning appearance and making them look amazing as new.

Step 6- Condition Check

After all five procedures are done, we will provide a quality check to be certain that all the points are carried out accordingly. If the all is executed accurately, we will then prepare the carpet for distribution.


More Reasons to Enjoy Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island


• All natural carpeting washing technique

• Excellent value assurance

• Receptive buyer framework

• 100% eco-friendly technology