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Don’t Throw Worn-out Furniture Away!

Brand-new furnishings will cost you an arm and a leg. Why squander cash on getting one when you can still utilize your current covers? In case your dilemma is the value and aesthetics of the furniture, then you definitely will not need to worry too much. Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island provides just the perfect solution to suit your needs!

You can still fix your worn-out upholstery! Have them wiped clean by Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island and make them look brand new.

Say farewell to dirt and discoloration!

Just because your home furniture appears spotless does not mean that it is. If it has already been more than two years since you last sent it to a cleansing specialist, then it is definitely holding particles which might be dangerous for you and your family.

Armed with the advanced gear and natural cleansing treatments, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island would get rid of any debris, discoloration, plant pollen, and all other particles from the cushions. There is no filth or discoloration that we couldn't deal with. Permit us accomplish our mission, hand us your upholstery and we will send it back to you squeaky clean.

Acquire the best cleansing services.

For three decades, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island has been turning worn-out and dusty home furniture into their original beauty. Whether you must clean your sofas, stools, ottomans, recliners, armchairs, or loveseats, we could absolutely vacuum clean, scrub, and dry them for you! We cover various cushions textile .

Our team is made up of competitive and extremely knowledgeable cleansing professionals who could clean as well as refresh all of your own upholstered home furniture. With the use of the most up-to-date technologies, all-natural solutions, and superior cleansing procedure, all sorts of allergen, grime, smell, and stains might be extracted in an instant!

Take advantage of our in depth clean-up process.

Cleansing covers is no joke. We perform our job seriously and make certain that we bring nothing but excellent service. Whenever we are cleaning furnishings, we do not solely handle the grime which can be noticed on the outside, we equally confirm that it’s clean internally as well, so you and your family may comfortably take a seat on it without worrying about allergens.

Stage 1: Vacuuming

What we carry out at first is vacuum clean the home furniture to suck all of the dirt, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne debris from it.

Step 2: Thorough Rinsing

Vacuuming the cushions is insufficient. To be able to eliminate the spots, we have prepared a particular natural product that can eliminate any marks in your couch, seat, etc. This treatment will loosen grime and break apart stains so whenever they're brushed, they would be quickly eliminated. Additionally, it does not get the material appear dull.

Stage 3: pH-Balancing and Sanitizing

And after that, we sanitize the home furniture and use a pH-balanced solution to rinse it. This stage is necessary in order to disperse the smell and leave the covers smelling new and neat.

Stage 4: Drying

Lastly, we leave the household furniture in a room with manipulated temperature to dry it.

Give our team a call now!

Get in touch with our customer service and we will eagerly look after you. Inform us what type of furnishings you would like us to clean, then we will present to you our recommended solution and no cost approximated quote.