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Don’t Throw Used Home furniture Away!

New fixtures will cost you a fortune. Why waste cash on buying one when you might still utilize your used covers? In case your problem is the value and design of your pieces of furniture, then you will not need to get worried. Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island offers just the right approach to suit your needs!

There’s still hope for your used cushions! Have them washed by Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island and make them appear brand new.

Say farewell to dirt and discoloration!

Just because your home furniture looks clean does not always mean that it is. If it has already been beyond two years since you last sent it to a washing technician, then it is certainly harboring pollutants that could be hazardous for you and your family.

Equipped with the innovative gear and natural cleansing products, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island would get rid of any dirt, discoloration, plant pollen, and all other particles from your upholstery. There’s no filth or spot that we can’t handle. Let us complete our job, give us your upholstery and we will send it back to you spotless.

Obtain the finest cleansing solutions.

For three decades, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island had been transforming old and unclean home furniture into their real beauty. No matter if you ought to clean your recliners, armchairs, ottomans, sofas, stools, or loveseats, we could entirely vacuum, scrub, and dry them for you! We take care of many different upholstery textile .

Our organization consists of dedicated and extremely competent cleaning specialists who can clean up as well as refresh any of your own cushioned furnishings. With the use of the up-to-the-minute technologies, organic solutions, and enhanced cleansing procedure, a variety of allergen, dirt, stink, and marks might be wiped out immediately!

Make use of our extensive washing process.

Washing cushions is no joke. We do our mission seriously and make certain that we bring nothing less than excellent service. Whenever we are cleaning household furniture, we do not simply tackle the dirt that could be noticed on the outside, we equally confirm that it’s clean internally as well, so that you together with your family could pleasantly lay on it without being bothered about pollutants.

Step 1: Vacuuming

What we do at first is vacuum the household furniture to suck all dust particles, dust bugs, pollen, animal dander, and other contaminants from it.

Stage 2: Intensive Washing

Vacuuming the covers is inadequate. To be able to eradicate the spots, we have blended a particular 100 % natural product which can remove any kind of marks in your lounge, seat, etc. This product will loosen mud and split up spills so when brushed, they would be easily extracted. Moreover, it does not get the material appear drab.

Step 3: pH-Balancing and Sanitizing

After which, we sanitize the household furniture and utilize a pH-balanced product to clean it. This phase is necessary in order to disperse the stink and keep the upholstery smelling brand new and clean.

Stage 4: Drying

Lastly, we place the household furniture in a place with controlled heat to dry it.

Give our team a phone call now!

Get in touch with our customer service and we will happily take care of your furniture. Tell us what type of furnishings you would like us to wash, then we’ll provide you our suggested procedure and no cost approximated quote.