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Pet Stain and Odor Cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Cleaning

Owning a pet is one of the great joys you and your family can share. There are a number of advantages you can get from having a pet. In terms of your health, it can improve immunity, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. Socially, it can improve your family dynamics. When it comes to emotions, it can relieve stress and make you happy. However, there are some downsides to it. One disadvantage is the pet stain and odor that stick to your carpet and rugs.

Pets can inevitably make a mess on some parts of the house. As a result, this will leave a sickening smell all around the place. Also, if feces and urine are left unnoticed, their stains will be very difficult to remove.

Having pet stains and odor could cause harmful effects. Family members could catch a sickness from it. Hence, stains and odor should be treated immediately. However, this proves to be a difficult task. For most families, simple washing of rugs and carpets is not enough to remove the stains and foul smell. If you happen to experience these kinds of troubles, then you ought to hire pet stain & odor removal services from a trusted cleaning company. Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island is the top cleaning company you can rely on for this dilemma.

Get the right services

Aside from dealing with rugs, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island has expanded its services by offering services pertaining to carpet cleaning, rug repair, and pet stain & odor removal. We have the best cleaning professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field. They get to remove stain, clean carpets, and eliminate foul smell with utmost proficiency. We also assure that the products we use are organic and environment-friendly. With this, we can guarantee safe and toxic-free pet stain & odor removal services for your family.

How to remove pet stain and odor

Removing pet stain and odor seems like a complicated task. However, with Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island, stain and odor elimination are readily performed by the following easy steps:

  • The feces are disposed, and excess urine is wiped off.
  • Using an enzymatic cleaner, the carpet is wet vacuumed.
  • An organic carpet cleaner is then applied on the carpet’s surface.
  • To efficiently remove the foul smell, the carpet is sprayed with ammonia-free chemicals.
  • The carpet is washed on a heavy-duty machine if deemed necessary.
  • The carpet is dried and put back to its place.

Contact the experts

For three decades, we are known to be the best cleaning company that never fails to give excellent sanitation and quality results. Aside from giving you the finest service, we also make sure its effects are long-term. Our staff is trained to not only to serve you but also to share pieces of advice for instances when your pet makes a mess again. With our services, 100% satisfaction is a guarantee. Thus, you will definitely enjoy a stain-free and fresh environment by the end of every cleaning process. To know more about our pet stain & odor removal services, you can check our website or give us a call.