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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Services

Don’t throw old upholstery and furniture away. New furniture costs an arm and a leg. Why waste money on buying one when you can still use your old upholstery and furniture? We at Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island have been known to get the dirtiest, oldest and smelliest upholstery and furniture back to almost brand new. How? With our deep steam and shampoo cleaning methods. It takes a bit longer to dry but well worth the results. If your concern is the end result of your upholstery and furniture after cleaning, you need not be. If we can’t clean it properly and effectively, we won’t. We offer very competitive prices. We offer residential and commercial upholstery and furniture cleaning services. We offer same day service. Free estimates.

How We Clean

There’s still hope for your old upholstery and furniture. Get them cleaned by Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island and make them look brand new. Say goodbye to dirt, stains and odors. Just because your upholstery and furniture looks clean does not mean necessarily that they are. If it has been more than 2 years since you last sent you had them cleaned, then it is definitely harboring contaminants that may be dangerous for you and your family. Armed with the advanced equipment and organic cleaning solutions, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island will eliminate any dust, stain, pollen, and other particles from your upholstery and furniture. There’s no dirt or stain that we can’t handle. Let us do our job, give us your upholstery and furniture and we’ll return it to you spotless.

What We Clean

Get the best cleaning service. For 3 decades, Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island has been transforming old and dirty upholstery and furniture into their original beauty. No matter what you need to clean, we can perfectly vacuum, shampoo, and dry them for you! We cover all different upholstery and furniture fabric types.

We clean all Leather and Fabric...

Dining Room Chairs
Chaise Lounge
Fabric Headboards
Fabric Walls
Office Furniture

Post Cleaning

Our team is made up of dedicated and highly experienced cleaning experts who can clean and refresh any of your upholstery and furniture. With the use of the latest technology, organic solutions, and improved cleaning technique, all sorts of allergen, dust, odor, and stains will be removed in an instant. Take advantage of our comprehensive cleaning process. Cleaning upholstery and furniture is no joke. We take our job seriously and make sure that we deliver nothing but quality service. When washing your upholstery and furniture, we do not only tackle the dirt that can be seen on the outside, we also make sure that it’s clean on the inside too, so you and your family can comfortably sit on it without worrying about contaminants. After cleaning we do recommend not sitting, laying down or sleeping on your upholstery and furniture for 24 hours. Leave a window opened a bit, for 24 hours to speed up the drying process and to avoid any odors.


If you have pets buy furniture covers. They are inexpensive and washable in cold water. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Use sheets that are in your closet just wasting space and cover your upholstery and furniture.

If you spill something on your upholstery and furniture blot it right away to avoid permanent discoloration.

Invest in biannual cleaning with fabric protection service by Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island.

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