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Frustrated with your old and dirty rug at home? Try our professional rug cleaning service now. Rugs are a traditional aesthetic décor for both residential and commercial buildings. However, they are also one of the toughest to clean. This essential fact about rugs is where we draw our comprehensive and organic approach to rug cleaning. We offer a professional and intensive rug cleaning service that is tailored fit to your cleaning standards. Dust can quickly accumulate in rugs, but our specialized cleaning procedure with advanced cleaning equipment, you can ensure to have a 100% clean and hygienic environment. We offer same day pick up service. We offer residential and commercial rug cleaning. On site or off site cleaning. Free estimates. Free pick up. Free delivery.

Our Cleaning Process

Step 1: Assessment Stage

We examine the rugs for any color run, mold, damage, stain, etc. This is to check if the current condition of the rugs and to decide what cleaning procedure is best to apply. This is also the stage where the rug fibers or material is put into consideration before choosing the appropriate equipment and cleaning product to use. In addition, doing a rug assessment and documenting and photographing the existing damages will prevent misunderstanding between you and our cleaning staff.

Step 2: Light Steam Washing

After the pre-wash stage, we will then try to get rid of the surface level dirt by applying light washing. Light washing is recommended so as not to damage the rug material. The main highlight of this stage is the steam washing wherein we use a high-performing movable device to steam clean your rug. Steam washing is a preferred method by lavish hotels and casinos to reduce the dust and odor from the rug.

Step 3: Detailed Washing

This is the stage wherein the rugs are placed inside a pool-like washing area and soaked to entirely remove all residue and remaining spots from the previous steps.

Step 4: Fragrance

After all the dirt and stains are removed, we will then add some safe fragrance to leave a fresh and clean smell on the rugs. The result would be a clean-looking and fresh-smelling rugs that you will surely love. By the time your rug arrives back to you the fragrance will be gone.

Step 5: Dry Cleaning

One we are satisfied with the smell; the next step is to dry clean the rugs. Our dry cleaning method also includes grooming the rug fiber post drying. We comb the rug fibers, restoring their stunning look and making them look good as new.

Step 6: Quality Check

Once all five steps are done, we will conduct a quality check to ensure all the steps are done accordingly. If the all is done properly, we will then prepare the rug for delivery.

Why You Should Choose Us

All services are safe for all rugs, no matter what color or what material your rug is. It will be safe with us

We offer the best rug cleaning with the most competitive rates in Staten Island.

We use all safe and chemical free cleaning products.

24 hour, 7 day a week customer service support.

If your rug needs service because of a water or fire issue, we can do the cleaning at any time.

No extra charge for after-hours service

We clean all rugs, synthetic, nylon, polyester, wool, silk, shag, flokati, handmade, machine made, heirlooms etc.

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