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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning

In a year, more than 1 billion colds are reported in the US alone. This is according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). One of the causes of colds is an unhealthy environment. If rooms and furniture are cleaned the right way, then it’s possible to reduce the number of colds reported annually. Thus, one can’t simply underestimate the importance of a green cleaning service.

Organic cleaning means using healthy and eco- friendly cleaning products. While it’s a break from the high-tech and glorious chemically-produced solutions which are only too common nowadays, it gives a guarantee that homeowners and their family will feel safer within the walls of their house.

You Go Green. You Live Healthy.

Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island believes that a safe and healthy house creates a happy family. That’s why we offer not only the best but also the quality and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We are committed to giving our customers the kind of safe service that they deserve.

Since your family is valuable to us, we highly encourage you to live healthily and go green. Our cleaning treatments do away with chemically-produced products that may trigger cold, allergy, and other kinds of illnesses. We make it our job to make sure that our services and products will not harm you.

Our residential cleaning solutions make use of organic ingredients that are proven to remove dirt and stain and sanitize your carpet and rug. This includes citrus peel, aloe vera, lime extract, cider vinegar, soybeans, grapefruit extract, vegetable fiber, and much more.

You Can Enjoy the Best Organic Cleaning Treatment.

If you want to fully enjoy the best organic cleaning treatment, you need to hire a dedicated team of professionals with good experience in the field like Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island. Our organic supplies are specially made so as not to cause complications to the people in the house or office. Our team does not only provide premier eco-friendly carpet and rug cleaning treatment, but we also help create an allergy-free zone so that all members of you family can feel safe at home.

In order to make this happen, we thoroughly vacuum and eliminate dirt and dust. Then, we use cleaning products made from natural components to wash and sanitize the carpet and rug. Finally, we dry them in a completely safer room with controlled temperature.

Our organic cleaning services are not limited to carpet and rug cleaning. They also extend to cleaning your draperies, furniture, window screens, beddings, mattresses, and much more.

You Can Give Us a Call Anytime.

Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island’s years of experience in the field of cleaning make us one of the leading firms in the industry. Our highly experienced and skilled cleaning techniques are carefully trained to give cleaning treatments that are eco-friendly. We can cater to any of your cleaning needs. So, whenever you need a reliable organic cleaning service provider, you can give us a call, and we’ll assist you immediately and give you a free estimated quote.