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Water and fire damage

Water and fire damage

Incidents that harm your carpet

Accidents and natural disasters are inevitable, and they happen unexpectedly. You can even have these in your own home. Someone could accidently set the kitchen on fire while cooking or a kid could accidentally spill his drink over the carpet. As for natural calamities, your place could be a good spot for floods. Whatever your dilemma is, its damages are surely noticeable. If a major area of your carpet is affected, you would probably think it is very unlikely to have it recovered. Fortunately, there is a carpet repairing company whom you can rely on when it comes to restoring burnt carpets and other floor coverings. This company is the Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island.

The best emergency services in Staten Island

Instead of throwing out your damaged carpet and buying a new one, you can avail the competent services of Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island. For three decades, we never failed to deliver our services with utmost quality. Restoring a burnt or water-damaged carpet is not simply done. But with our highly skilled experts and cutting-edge pieces of equipment, successful damage repair and restoration are guaranteed. With us, your carpet is in good hands.


Moreover, if you prefer a repair process that is safe for you and to the environment, then we are the best company for you. With our natural products and eco-friendly procedures, our services are surely the ideal green choice you could ever have.

How to manage water & fire damage

The ways on how to deal with water & fire damage are now easy and efficient. Here is how our company does it:

  1. Upon receiving your call, our staff will arrive at your place in just a matter of minutes.
  2. The damaged pieces are then inspected.
  3. Prices are negotiated, and additional options are introduced to the clients.
  4. The damaged piece is transferred to the cleaning and repair facility.
  5. If the piece is soaking wet, its fluids are extracted.
  6. If the carpet was burnt, soot and other forms of dirt are removed by one of our specialized tools. For less serious cases, a professional vacuum is used.
  7. Additional procedures such as mending ripped edges or patching holes are performed to prevent further impairments.
  8. To soften stains and to avoid damage from getting worse, the rug is steam-washed.
  9. Organic sanitizing products are applied to sterilize the damaged piece.
  10. The carpet or any other damaged piece is then washed using a heavy-duty equipment to remove all the dirt and stain left.
  11. It is dried and properly packaged for delivery.

Get the best repair results

In our services, we encourage our clients to contact us right after the incident. We are very sensitive to the needs of our client, and thus we treat these cases as urgent matters. With this, we ensure that our staff gets to your place quickly and attend to your damaged carpet. Also, we aim to gain the trust of our clients. Hence, we guarantee fast and reliable performance as well as long-term results. You can check our websites for our contact information. Wait no more and get the help you need.