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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Tired of sleepless nights?

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night with itches all over your body? Do you experience sudden sneezing and a stuffy nose in the morning? You could be experiencing all these because of your mattress. If a mattress has not been cleaned for six months, then you will certainly experience a few medical symptoms. The following are the possible symptoms you can get from a dirty mattress:

  • Cough
  • Rashes
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Colds

These health problems pose a threat to your overall welfare and hinder you from doing your daily activities well. Hence, it is a must to have your mattress cleaned at least twice a year. However, cleaning your mattress could be a very tiring task especially if you have a large one. Even if you try to clean your own mattress, you wouldn’t get the ideal result. Moreover, the products and tools that should ideally be used are expensive and may be quite difficult to use. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about these anymore! You can hire a competent cleaning company that can wash your mattresses for you. One company you can rely on is Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island.

The best cleaning services in Staten Island

For an efficient, affordable, and fast cleaning process in Staten Island, you can hire the services of Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island. Aside from rug  cleaning, we offer excellent mattress cleaning services. We can cater to all types of mattresses including those primarily made of foam, innerspring, and latex. We also deal with nontraditional types of mattresses such as airbeds and waterbeds. Other than that, we are fully equipped with all the high-end tools and machines needed.

Unlike other companies, we put the health of the clients as one of our top priorities. Hence, we guarantee that the products we use are organic, toxic-free, and environment-friendly. We make sure that you and your family can enjoy a healthy sleeping environment with a clean and safe mattress.

Ways to clean your mattress

Most family members just simply vacuum their mattresses. Unfortunately, this is not enough. A mattress should be extensively treated to remove all of its dirt and even the bed bugs in it. Here are steps on how our company cleans your mattresses:

  • The mattress is inspected first and is brought to the company facility.
  • It is then vacuumed to remove dust.
  • An eco-friendly cleaning product is sprayed to soften the stains.
  • The mattress is steam-washed on a heavy-duty equipment.
  • A PH-balanced chemical is applied to the mattress for further sanitation.
  • The mattress is then rinsed and dried.
  • It is properly packaged and is delivered back to the clients.

Enjoy a good sleep today!

You can finally get rid of sleepless nights with the services of Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island. With us, we can guarantee that your mattresses are dealt with utmost care. Moreover, we have the finest cleaning experts who are highly skilled when it comes mattress cleaning. For over three decades, we have always provided the best services and 100% satisfaction to all of our clients. Don’t spend another night with a dirty bed and contact us now!